Dr. George E. Noble, Senior Pastor


George Edward Noble was born in Seattle, Washington on February 15, 1951. He attended Van Asselt Elementary School from pre-school through sixth grade. His seventh through ninth grade years were spent at Sharples Jr. High School. He received his diploma in 1969 from Franklin High School. George started classes at the University of Washington in his Senior year at  Franklin as part of the ‘Upward Bound’ high school program.  At the UW George was a Pre-Law student and minored in English.

While transitioning to college, George met and fell in love with Shirley Ann King in December 1968. Once again, George exhibiting his freewill spirit married Shirley on July 15, 1969.  The marriage must have been a divine intervention as they happily struggled through the growing pains of their first years together.  Nearly ten years later, the couple celebrated the birth of their first and only child, daughter George-Jean, born on September 19, 1979, who is married to Deacon Eddie Edwards.  Pastor Noble has been blessed with 3 children – Eddie IV, Alana and Aleena Edwards.

A true entrepreneur, George owned several businesses; Rainier Recreation, Empire Recreation and The Game Place. He received his real Estate License in February 1982 and went to work at Hardcastle Real Estate where he began to see part of his the future at hand.  In 1984 George became a licensed Broker and he started his own Real Estate Company named Green Stone Properties, Inc., with his ever-faithful sister Shirley managing the office.  Green Stone Properties, Inc. remains a successful operation today.

George Noble, in spite of his successful family and business life George had no relationship with God or any church. His wife, Shirley, began going to church regularly and soon her God filled spirit brought a change into the household. More and more George began to take notice of the difference in his wife.  On the first Sunday in May 1990 he found himself sitting at Tabernacle Missionary Baptist Church crying to the Lord “I am with you Lord” and on this day he gave his live to Christ. In later years, he came to know that the deep and consistent prayers of his wife, mother and other family members helped propel him towards that life changing moment. 

George became a member of Tabernacle Missionary Baptist Church and was baptized on November 11, 1990.  Throughout the years, he proved himself to be a true servant. He held several positions at Tabernacle; Laymen’s Department President, Male Chorus member and musician, church administrative assistant, and pulpit moderator. It was not long before George realized that the duties he performed, while wholeheartedly done, where only duties to keep him busy. Something was beginning to nag at him. It was while away on a trip to the National Baptist Convention in Louisiana on the first Monday in Sept. 1994 that he accepted his call to preach.

Minister George E. Noble preached his first sermon entitled “Why…Why Me” on February 5, 1995. He continued his studies at Trinity Theological Seminary and at the International Bible College and Seminary where he received his Bachelor of Arts Degree in July 1998. He went on to receive a Master of Arts Degree in December 1999. He became the Membership Pastor of Tabernacle and he received his Doctorate of Philosophy in Biblical Studies on February 10, 2003. George became the Evangelism Pastor and was ordained by Rev. Dr. Robert L. Manaway, Sr., at Tabernacle Missionary Baptist Church on April 22, 2003.


On the last Friday in August 2003, Rev. Dr. Robert L. Manaway, Sr., Pastor of Tabernacle Missionary Baptist Church had a heart to heart talk with Reverend Noble and through much prayer and determination God’s Will was done. Rev. Dr. Noble and his devoted wife Evangelist Shirley Noble under the direction of the Holy Spirit formed the Restoration Bible Church. On September 10, 2003 the church was incorporated by the state of Washington and Rev. Dr. George E. Noble became the first Senior Pastor of Restoration Bible Church.



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